Leadership lessons from topless dancing guy

Are you the first person on the dance floor at a wedding?

The second?

Do you wait until a crowd starts to form and it’s safer to throw your shapes?

Or do you hang back until it’s just you and Grandpa and the person feeding the baby still sitting down, and it’s more uncomfortable not to get up and join in?

I read a post by a contact on LinkedIn this evening about leading from the front. It reminded me of this great video by Derek Sivers:

I was captivated the first time I watched it.

It’s a humourous look at leadership, but makes some solid points:

For a true leader, it’s about the cause

The leader in the video welcomes the first follower and others after that. It isn’t about him, he doesn’t want to be special, it’s about the dance.

It takes guts to be the first follower

Even if you don’t start something, you help validate the initiator. When you get up to follow them, you turn a ‘lone nut’ into a leader. That takes guts.

To be a true leader, show others how to follow

Movements start (and continue) only when people are willing to follow. To make this happen, find a lone nut you believe in and show others how to follow.

So go forth and lead! Do you know any lone nuts you can follow?

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