Want free coaching?

It’s podcast time again folks!

Here’s my latest find: Coaching Real Leaders, by Muriel Wilkins.

Wilkins has the bio to die for and delivers on this with high impact recordings.

Each episode takes you inside a real coaching session, and works through topics such as:

  • Stepping up to become a manager of managers
  • Hot to stop being defensive
  • Knowing if you’re destined for the C-suite
  • How to move from a specialist to a generalist leadership role
  • Choosing what’s next for your career

I like that you hear the questions, almost catch the cogs whirring in the heads of the coachees, and that, even though she’s a coach, Wilkins dishes out a fair bit of practical advice.

Transferrable knowledge from each podcast.

She also has a melodic voice which is great to listen to.

A good 20+ episodes to get your head into.

I’d love to know if you enjoy it, and it helps.

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