Reach out, surprise yourself

I sat in a training session today and talked about best bosses ever. The common theme across the group was those who’d had their potential spotted and been taken under the wing of their leader.

I realised I’d had that once, but not until the later years of my career. It would have been more impactful in the early years.

You have to be grateful if you get that support at any time.

Then later today, purely by chance, someone stepped into that role for me again.

I approached my network for an objective review of my CV.

Someone responded who had deep experience in CV advice and marketing. It turned out to be a hugely valuable conversation.

On top of the advice, he also offered to introduce me to a group in his network he thought I might be suitable for in the future. Senior people, doing some interesting work. Worth getting to know now.

It made me feel valued. Someone seeing my potential after a week where someone else has been telling me how to do my job.

My takeaway from this was: ask your network for help. There’ll be someone willing to help and you may be surprised by the help you get.

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