Get into flow with these great daily recordings

I have a diverse taste in music, but I often struggle to find new things to listen to. My latest discovery helps solve that problem.

My parents started my musical journey with 70s and 80s pop, setting the bar for improvement real low.

In my teens I discovered dance music through Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1 and was exposed to Blues, Malian, Senegalese and other African music.

And in my 20s and 30s I found Classic, Jazz, Funk and Rock music.

But sometimes I don’t feel in the mood for any of them. And if I have to choose, the joy of it’s gone.

It’s like trying to tickle yourself. You know you’re doing it, so it doesn’t have the same effect.

But my latest discovery injects some of the spice back into listening to music.


A few weeks ago I was catching up on Twitter posts from my favourite writers and Tim Denning was talking about writing in a flow state.

Flow is a subject I’ve danced with in the past.

I’ve done my share of flow-inducing hobbies; climbing, swimming, martial arts.

I’ve read about it in The Rise of Superman, and the original: Flow).

I’ve observed it at work, at all stages of the project lifecycle.

I have enough experience to know it’s powerful, but elusive.

So every time I see someone credible mention it, it grabs my interest.

Music for flow

Tim’s post prompted me to look up music for flow, and somewhere in the top 10 search was FlowState.FM, a substack newsletter dedicated to finding and sharing flow-inducing play lists.

I signed up there and then.

The recommendations are incredible.

There are links to them on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and Bandcamp.

There are playlists every day of the week.

I’m on the free version, but this is genuinely the first content I’ve wanted to pay for in some time.

If you want to get more done, pretend you’re somewhere else whilst you sit at the same old desk, working from home, or make your daily walk that little bit more enjoyable, sign up for FlowState.FM

And while you’re at it, subscribe by email to this blog too.

Just below the comments box.

THERE – see it??


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