It’s jab, hook and knock-out for this great blog

I read a lot of blogs and newsletters. There’s often something good in the ones I follow, but rarely is it packed full of premium content.

Today I got a great one.

This is the silver service of newsletters.

It’s the ‘my perfect day’ version of an email.

It’s the complex aged wine that has balanced notes, a long finish and changes taste with each sip.

I looked after my kids on my own today. On a short break, I scanned through the blog and found section after section of great content.

Jab – the ‘Mental models applied to parenting‘ section sounded like every week I and most of my friends have had for years

Hook – the ‘Luke Burgis on comparison‘ quote made me think of the school reunion I didn’t attend last year and the day-to-day of interacting with peers. Less so at work, where you’re shielded from each other’s lives, but more so in social circles, where differences are immediately obvious: the car you drive, the house you live in, where you holiday.

Knock-out – this week’s Tiny Thought at the same time whisked me back to the start of my career; doing the sensible thing, getting a professional qualification, positioning myself for a better future, and also spoke to what I’m doing now; maximising training at work, improving my speaking, doubling down on writing. Frankly, it also put an arm around my shoulder on a day when I was snappy and I wondered when life was going to get easier: ‘Good positioning lets you control your circumstancesPoor positioning lets your circumstances control you’.

So I share this with you. Brain Food by Farnam Street. And if it’s your first experience of Farnam Street and Shane Parrish, may it entertain you like the prize fighter that it is.

Happy Sunday.

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