On target – working towards a goal


In football (soccer) there’s a way to practice penalty kicks, to help the player’s accuracy: start far away, then move closer to the penalty spot with each successive kick.

The idea is to hone your accuracy from a long distance, when the goal seems far off and hard to hit.

The closer you get, the bigger it appears.

Eventually, when you stand at the correct distance, the target seems huge and the challenge seems less daunting, even easy.

Working towards a goal

Can you apply this approach to other goal-achieving situations?

In some examples it doesn’t work.

Take running a marathon as an example. You wouldn’t start out running 52 miles to make the target of 26 easier. You’d probably work up to it.

Or getting your driving license. You don’t go on a cross-country road trip to learn how to drive. You start small, stalling your car on local roads, before working up to the motorway.

But in others it might.

You want to build your dating confidence? Ask out the hottest person you can find. Then work from a 10 down through the 9s and 8s and, you might see it getting easier.

Want to find a new job? Apply for the biggest roles you can find and work downwards until you hit the target and get the role you want.

And with these last two, as with the long-range penalty, whilst the target might seem impossible, you might just score.

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