Right here, right now…the magic of thinking big

Today, events lined up like dominoes, just waiting for a little nudge before the whole chain was triggered.

I spoke to the ever-helpful Steve at Akimbo about course options for September. Towards the end of our chat he told me about the AltMBA and how, for him, it’s a course that works if you do it at the right time in your life. 

That got me thinking, through the day, about what else works at the right time, but not before:

  • Advice from your parents which you ignore, but which suddenly makes sense when you reach a certain age/situation in life
  • Certain interests, e.g. discovering you’d love to play a musical instrument, after ignoring them your whole life
  • And for me a big one, books. My anti-library is a great source of things I think sound interesting, but never pick up until the moment arrives

Then, just as good ideas have a habit of interweaving themselves, I read this post on LinkedIn

and it just grabbed me.


The foresight. The effort. The guts to go for it and pull it off.

The takeaway stuck with me: Think bigger. Take massive action.

At the cross roads of these two ideas, sits this book, winking at me from my shelf.

The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz

‘Ahem-ahem, my turn, read me’.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s in it, but

  1. The back looks good – ‘get the action habit; think and dream creatively; turn defeat into victory’
  2. The book is laid out for cut-the-crap people, like me – there are contents and also a great section: ‘What this book will do for you’ which directs you straight to the pages where you can find out how to ‘Defeat disbelief and the negative power it creates; Think as big as you really are; Use creative thinking to find new and better ways to get things done; Get plenty of psychological sunshine during leisure hours; Use the magic of thinking big in life’s most crucial situations’
  3. Finally, the book has been in print for almost 30 years, so must have some value.

I’m going to dive into it and see where it takes me.

Will report back soon.

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