Rabbits and foxes: parking your curiosity

When I moved into my current house, the first couple of years there were wild rabbits in the garden.

They’re cute when they’re young, but eat plants and poo everywhere.

Then foxes came along and ate the rabbits.

They also poo everywhere and make awful noises and I don’t trust them around my children.

The next year there were fewer rabbits and so there were fewer foxes.

The year after, there was an explosion of both: rabbits everywhere and a family of 4 strong young fox cubs.

This year, there’s neither.

I noticed the effect, but I don’t understand the causation. And whilst I’m curious, I only have so much time and attention to give to things. And this isn’t a priority.

And this rule applies to many areas of my life, if I think about it.

Why such and such a person is frosty with me one week and civil the next.

Why my favourite takeaway varies so much in quality one time to the next.

Why my hybrid electric car shows 30 miles on 100% full electric charge one day and 24 miles also on 100% full charge the next.

All perplexing, but not quite maddening enough to tip me over the edge and look into it.

There’ll always be things you don’t understand. Sometimes you’ve just got to take that for what it is and let it go.

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