Power up! Get in the mood for the day ahead

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

In video games you get secret powers. Mario Kart offers you a turbo boost; in PacMan you become immune to the ghosties; Sonic the Hedgehog has speed sneakers. How do you get some of this in real life?

Recently I’ve gotten into a bad habit. I wake up shortly before the rest of the family and get ready alongside them.

No time to clear my head.

No time to exercise.

I’m in such a rush that I have to choose between coffee and breakfast (coffee always wins).

I start my day on the back foot.

It never used to be like that

I’m a natural early riser.

I’d put on my Spandex, shimmy into action and be done in the shower before the others even stirred.

Going into the office helped that, because I’d exercise before leaving to catch the train.

Ironically, winter helped that, because the chill peps me up a bit and makes me want to get going.

But being at home most of the time, during warm summer days, means I just want to stay in bed. Everything feels very… mañana.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

And so recently I’ve been looking for ideas to fire myself up, so that I can feel more like a track star about to race, than someone heading for their fifth McDonalds this week.

Some suggestions

If you’re feeling like this too, here are 3 sources of inspiration I came across that you might like to try

1) The easy to implement option: Tim Denning

Simple to get started, some easy steps, then start your day with small tasks.

Job done!

2. The harder to implement option (more involved): Ben Greenfield’s morning routine


My issue with morning routines, as with almost any routine, is variety. I don’t like doing the same thing day-in, day-out, in the knowledge I may well do this to my death.

But, at the core of this routine is a mix of exercise, stretching, breathwork, family time, diet, coffee and more, which gives a great base of ideas to choose from.

Greenfield also has a tonne of other content to experiment with:

Energy routines

Stretch routines

Really good stuff, even though I wonder how he fits all this in to his day. The guy must be forever exercising.

3. The more mind-based option: Tony Robbins priming exercise

Some friends of mine are BIG Tony Robbins fans. I’ve never been to one of his events and feel like I’ve missed out.

To me it’s the sort of thing you need to do while you still can.

Like seeing the Rolling Stones live.

Or seeing Roger Federer play at Wimbledon.

Why? Because Robbins is just legendary.

I love this mix of gratitude and visualisation, even if the images on the video feel a bit dated.

But at 15 minutes, I’ll be trying out this method.

4. And one for fun – the oddball option: Boris Johnson

This week I’ve been listening to ‘Boris’, a multi-part series on BBC Sounds about the life and career of Boris Johnson.

In one episode, an old colleague at the Telegraph newspaper talks about Johnson’s ‘4 o’clock rant’, where he would shout foul-mouthed abuse at a yucca plant for 10 minutes before setting down to a high-tempo work session.

I kid you not. Listen for yourself.

Whilst I can’t see myself doing this, maybe there’s a germ of an idea in there. Something like raising your energy, more appropriate self-talk (you decide what that means for you), stepping into the persona you need to be, to be your best self.

So, whether you meditate, hit the gym or go mad shouting, I hope you get the power up you’re looking for.

I know I no longer have any excuse for staying in bed.

Have a great weekend!

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