Childhood revisited

I read this great post today by Seth Godin

It’s about how Wile E. Cyote is a short term thinker looking for quick wins, unable to recognise sunk costs and move on to a new goal.

And it got me thinking…what other hidden meanings were there in programmes I watched as a child?

Was He Man on a big night out? Well dressed and well behaved to start with and, once the excitement started, he stripped off and started shouting and fighting.

Was Dick Darstadly in Wacky Races actually the original caring dad, miles better than his kids at every game, but somehow always losing to them?

Take a look at the hidden meanings in other programmes from your youth. Would you believe dictatorship and suppression in Thomas the Tank Engine? Predictions of our plans to colonise Mars in Button Moon? Strict caste system enforced in Fraggle Rock?

A bit of fun!

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