Time travel

I’m on holiday this week. Time seems to work differently here than when I’m at home. I can carve out time for myself more easily when I’m in my daily routine even if, seemingly, I have less of it to spread around.

This site tells me why.

I’ve read this before, but this time it got me thinking: why does normal life have to be so slow and boring!

Bending time

What if we could use this knowledge to change our day to day experience…to bend time?

What if we could make life so exciting that every day was new? What little tweaks and tricks could we put in place to spark creativity?

It’s not that difficult. Some surprise games, trips, even delivering an unusual drink to someone when they least expect it (WFH G&T at 2pm on a Tuesday anyone?). In her book Become an Idea Machine (I think) Claudia Altucher talks about how her husband James (someone well worth checking out) surprises her by dressing in a tuxedo to deliver breakfast, just to make her laugh.

My challenge to you

For the next week, think go and do something unusual for yourself or unexpected for someone else. Go and do something for the first time. Even if staying on the sofa seems more appealing.

I’d love to hear how you get on.

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